End to End Drug Safety PV Suite

About ADRiumTM (Adverse Drug Reaction Information and Management)

ADRiumTM is a next generation Pharmacovigilance Platform with innovative automation, advance technologies (Artificial intelligence, machine learning and Natural language processing) to simplify Pharmacovigilance processes and enhance safety surveillance and risk management of clinical and marketed products in a cost-effective approach.

Helping you meet the highest pharmacovigilance standards

ADRiumTM platform is an integrated, comprehensive platform with all safety modules in a single platform that allows flow of adverse events information from one module to another seamlessly for proactive pharmacovigilance purpose, while boosting speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our expertise with regard to any module or as a whole w.r.t ADRium is as follows:

  • Business Process Design
  • User requirement and configuration specifications
  • Configuration workshops
  • Conference Room Pilots
  • Configuration Builds
  • SOP Updates
  • Training to End Users / Business administrator / System Administrator
  • Operational / Functional Support

ADRiumTM Platform

AE Detection

Automatically detects Adverse Events from structured and unstructured data

Periodic Reporting

Provides safety data for product benefit-risk assesment and risk management

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AE Collection

Capture AE and Follow-up of Adverse Events directly from reporter or HCP


Provides AE visualization, analysis, dashboards and compliance metrics

AE Intake

Allows intake of AE from call centers and other sources


Real-time signal detection for proactive safety surveillance and risk management

AE Processing

ICSR processing assesment and submission to authorities and safety partners


Provides biopharmaceutical companies to manage Pharmacovigilance Agreements (PVA) efficiently.

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