We provide quality medical information and call center services to global pharmaceutical companies.

About MICC services

Highest quality medical information and call center services to global pharmaceutical companies. Offering an extensive range of services that encompasses safety information of Adverse Events (AE), Product Quality Complaints (PQC), and Medical Information Inquiries in order to meet applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

Trained and experiences life sciences professionals

We have dedicated Medical Information Call Centre staff of medical professional skilled with extensive experience in the Pharma industry. The multi linguistic staff is LIVE 24/7/365 and offer the best services to our customers.

Our MICC Unique Capabilities

Our team uses an industry leading platform containing cutting edge technology, in order to have all confidential information stored and transferred to sponsor organizations.

Our medical information call center service portfolio

24/7/365 US based Call Centers

Multilingual support

Software-System based recording

Industries we support: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotech, and Cosmetics


Professionals are Trained Real-time

Compliant with HIPAA and other applicable local and global regulations


High-level of tracking and transmission of information to the PV and QA departments

Information we handle: medical information, adverse events, product quality complaints, inquiries, reimbursements, counterfeit product information, etc.

Multi-Channel and Multi-Component Enquiry Intake (MI, AE, PC)

  • Paperless tracking and version management
  • Speedy case intake from a wide range of customer channels (Phone, Email, Chat, Mobile App, etc.)
  • Intuitive user interface for contact center agents to rapidly develop a case in seconds with features such as duplicate search, CRM Contacts lookup, city zip code lookup and non-linear data entry
  • Automatic case creation for MI requests received from channels such as Self-Service Portal, Medical Information Web Forms and CRM Systems
  • Full integration capabilities with ARGUS Safety Suite and other Safety Databases

Collaborative MI, AE, and PQC Case Management workflow

  • Create Site / Region specific workflows for processing medical information requests, escalating different types of inquiries (On-label and Off-label use) and transmitting Adverse Events and Product Complaints to other business groups
  • Leverage robust case search options to filter, preview, work and route cases to different user groups and users

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