Molecule to Market (M2M)

The M2MaaS model provides complete services for clinical development from a single point of engagement

What is M2MaaS

M2M as a service is a unique business model that has delineated stages covering elements from molecule discovery to the marketable product. The service provides end-to-end solutions for highly efficient pharmaceutical product development

Synapmed in collaboration with Vetri Life Sciences (, develops transformative medicines for unmet medical needs under this model in an efficient and cost-effective manner using technology and data-driven approaches. 

Synapmed develops the molecules for a company’s unique portfolio using a streamlined, AI enabled delivery model. We provide services across a range of clinical solutions for medicinal products and devices research development in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner to fill the gaps of unmet medical needs and to meet customer requirements as a service.  

Our unique delivery models allows for accelerated product development timelines, all while maintaining highest levels of regulatory standards and compliance.   

Our M2MaaS portfolio

24/7/365 US based Call Centers

Multilingual support

Software-System based recording

Industries we support: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotech, and Cosmetics


Professionals are Trained Real-time

Compliant with HIPAA and other applicable local and global regulations


High-level of tracking and transmission of information to the PV and QA departments

Information we handle: medical information, adverse events, product quality complaints, inquiries, reimbursements, counterfeit product information, etc.

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