About Us

Synapmed is transforming the way Life Sciences organizations develop and bring new products to market. We leverage the latest technology advancements to reduce redundancies and improve process efficiencies for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotechnology, and Cosmetic companies

Our Story

Synapmed is the synergistic brainchild of seasoned entrepreneurs and high calibre life science executives. Core intent behind launching Synapmed is to increase efficiencies of Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotechnology, and Cosmetic companies by infusing cutting edge technology in their core operations thus reducing redundancies and shortening business cycles.

We are duty-bound to deliver the quality and accuracy that are desired from Pharma and related companies globally. Our systems are designed to surpass the expectations of our clients and deliver solutions that assist them to reach peak productivity and surpass market demands.

Additionally, we also have a robust footprint in providing Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety-related services spaning into Medical Affairs, Medical Information, and Regulatory Affairs. We help healthcare companies achieve their safety needs in a cost-efficient way.

Synapmed harnesses technologies such as Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create a Molecule to Market use-case offering that can benefit an organization at an enterprise level as well as at a functional level.


Enabling our clients to excel in their quest for leadership, innovation and betterment of society.


To become a global leader in healthcare solutions and services driven by innovation.


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Certifications and Our Credits

We are so proud that we have been certified and accredited by Industry best ISO Systems for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)


This helps us strengthen our Services in the area of clinical stage & post marketing surveillance.”

Tarun Prashanth, Chief Executive Officer

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